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Over the 40 Days of Faith (17 February – 28 March), we will walk together through the entire story of the ministry of Jesus, at least as it is told by Mark. Mark is one of the early followers of Jesus. He may or may not have known Jesus himself, but he was probably a traveling companion of the apostle Simon Peter. Simon Peter never wrote a history of Jesus himself, but John Mark collected and wrote down Simon Peter’s story. I’m sure that as you read you’ll see that Peter’s perspective comes out strongly, and that it’s a really valuable perspective to have. Mark’s gospel (which means ‘good news’) was the first one written, about 30 years after Jesus’ death and resurrection. Incidentally, it’s also the shortest. That means that, when we read it over 40 days, each day’s passage should be of a quite manageable size. The size does vary a bit, as I’ve sectioned it in such a way as to make good sense of the stories, rather than just dividing it into equal-sized bits.

Each day’s guide is broken into three sections:
1. The story for the day. For your convenience, we’ve included the text of the story in the New Living Translation (Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 1996). I find this translation to be in fresh, modern language that has really helped me to do what I most want to do: enter into the story myself. As you read the passage, try to read it from the perspective of the disciples and the other people who interact with Jesus. Really get inside the story. What is it like to go through this experience with Jesus?

2. Points of Interest. This section briefly explores aspects of the day’s story that might be especially interesting or potentially confusing. It offers some historical notes and references that might help to interpret the story, frames some of the issues or questions addressed, and gives suggestions of ways to look at the story and what it might mean for us.

3. Taking it home. In this section, there are some suggestions for how the day’s reading might apply to you, to your five, and to our church.

The information here is adapted from material from Vineyard Christian Fellowship (now the Boston Vineyard) of Cambridge Massachusetts, USA, originally written by Dave Schmelzer and Brian Housman. Bert has adapted the material and some of the application points to fit with where we’re going at the BCEC.


2 Responses to “Start Here!”

  1. 1 Witek February 12, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    Brilliant idea – it is now in my daily RSS feed.

  2. 2 panda February 15, 2010 at 11:40 am

    HI BCECers

    THe Panda is so happy to see you all. I remember the last 3 Easters at BCEC, how once again its exciting to see BCEC striving to move in God’s direction and getting into the rhythm of Gods heart beat. It will be great to be able to follow the first 15 days with you here in the UK ^_^ , as for the rest upto the 40 days, God Willing I will be able to have ‘short moments’ online to see how yáll doing.


    Keep Praying, Keep Fasting, Keep FOCUSED on the FOURTY DAYS OF FAITH

    love panda

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